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Dresses made by BD Elite are






We are proud to share our passion with dancers who perform and enjoy dancing with all their hearts.

We make costumes for Smooth, Rhythm, Standard, and Latin competitions.

Our professionally made costumes not only make you look great. They also make you feel good. What characterizes them is the best quality of the fabrics that we use and incredible workmanship. We order fabrics, crystals, feathers, fringes, pearls, sequins and anything else needed to make your dress truly outstanding from the top suppliers in USA and Europe. By using original combinations of the fabrics, we create dynamic dress movement that is specific for each style of dancing. We can create a classy look for your dress or something absolutely new and original.

Our Rhythm and Latin costumes make a true statement on the dance floor.

Our Smooth and Standard dance gowns are extremely elegant. We try to respect beautiful ballroom tradition and combine a new, modern look at the same time.

We stand behind our quality ! Our dresses look outstanding from the distance, up close and inside out.

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