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  • It takes about 4-8 weeks from customer’s design approval and all other agreements and additional requirements, such as provided measurement, down payment until the dress is made.
  • The above time frame depends on availability of chosen fabrics and other supplies as well as on the availability on our schedule. It can slightly change in rare occasions. Please plan accordingly.
  • We take rush orders if our schedule, all fabrics and supplies are available.
  • We do not need fitting during dress making process. We only ask for an accurate measurement. The customer is fully responsible for taken measurement.
  • BD Elite has the right to use pictures and videos of the dress on the website and any social media as an example of sold dresses.
  • We do not provide pictures during dress making process unless it is required in some cases. The final pictures will be send to the customer for approval after costume is done.
  • BD Elite has the right to use labels inside and outside of the dress as brand’s advertising tool.
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