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Hair Pieces


The chignonis a hair item with a cup, so it easily covers your own hair that is inside of the cup.
Chignons are made from soft material. They are comfortable and easy to wear. There is a piece of lace inside of the chignon that allows to use the piece multiple times.
Combs that are placed inside help attach the chignon to the head.

The ornamentis a hair item that helps to look your hair as an elegant and waving curl.
There are combs attached for easy wear.

The hair dressis a combination of the chignon and ornament.
This convenient and immediate dance hairstyle makes a dancer outstanding on the floor.


  • How Much Time Does It Take To Get The Piece?


  • This is a fully manual process to make the hair piece. The piece is made after receiving the full payment and it can take up to a month to make it (plus delivery time). Very complicated designs can even take a little longer. As we do not keep any ready to wear pieces, please plan accordingly.


  • How To Take Care Of The Chignon, Ornament, and Hair Dress?


  • After using a piece, let it dry naturally in an airy place avoiding direct sunlight.
    Wipe the dirt from the stones with a wet piece of the cotton, then wipe again with a dry piece of the cotton.


  • How to Store the Hairpiece?


  • Fill in some cushion (ex. rounded paper) into the cup, adjust the shape and put the whole piece into the case (the case will be provided).


Do not use a dryer/hot curler/hair iron!
Do not wash with water!
Keep away from children!

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping overseas from Japan by using EMS (Express Mail Service).

Shipping and all other fees related to the purchase will be charged to the buyer.
Shipping rates depend on the weight of the consignment and the delivery location.

Return / Exchange Policy

Return and exchange according to the buyer convenience and for any reason is not acceptable unless there was our obvious mistake. There is no order cancellation after placing an order.
In case the item is shipped back to Japan due to impossibility to deliver, the cost of the shipping for the return will be charged to the buyer.